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Bamboo-Inspired Hemp Pillow

Bamboo Inspiration

From a hobby to a side job... then finally to a full-time business! That’s how Pillows & Designs by Melody started.

It was somewhere around 2004 when Melody discovered that she really has a passion in creating handmade home accents such as decorative pillows, runners and mats. Creativity is within her but she tried to explore more when she and her husband got their first home. Her first project... a pillow for their couch! She was pretty amazed with the result and got attached with the concept of making her own home décor accents. She followed her passion until people noticed her work and she began getting custom orders from her family and friends. Then, she thought of putting up a small business where she can work at home and be a full-time entrepreneur.

Pillows & Designs by Melody officially became a business in October 2005. During that time, they were only offering custom-made orders. The main goal was to cater Asian-inspired home décor accessories to the U.S. market. In order to provide authentic and high-quality products to their clientele, they had to travel to Southeast Asia and find the most rare and hand-woven textile that is only available locally. Then, it was the first quarter of 2006 when they started their online store. They have various products to choose from that are perfect as a gift or just a décor for your own home. From the luxurious decorative pillows to table linens and to give more compliment to their original designs, they also carry these handcrafted table top accessories that you cannot find in other stores. It was pretty much competitive but they are very confident with the quality and uniqueness of every product they have available for their customers. Aside from their website, they can be seen mostly in various crafts fair and trade shows in the Bay Area.

In mid-June 2006, Pillows & Designs by Melody became a full-time vendor for Handworks of Danville which is located in Danville, California. Locals can now purchase directly from the store. By the end of the year, they are targeting gift and home boutique shops in the bay area to carry their unique products.

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